MyBlogLog is being re-branded

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At the recent SOBcon conference in Chicago Robyn Tippins spoke about several major upcoming changes with MyBlogLog. Yahoo! recently purchased MyBlogLog and Robyn was hired as the MyBlogLog community manager.

There are several changes that will happen in the not too distant future:

  • There will be a re-branding of MyBlogLog and the exact timing and new brand are still unclear. There are thoughts by some that it may be called YahooBlogLog or MyYahooLog.
  • A new website redesign is in the works.
  • A new “Widget 2.0” is coming with some hover features.
  • Offensive photos on MyBlogLog will also be removed so that it can be used on more conservative business blogs.
  • Some sort of method to turn off your presence for some types of sites will be added.