Facebook has lost its appeal

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When I heard about the launch of Facebook Apps I got a little concerned and I think, rightfully so.

Facebook is the Apple of Social Networking sites and it’s clean and fresh approach has held the key to its success. I see evidence of this simplicity when friends of mine, who don’t even own computers, have a Facebook profile.

Facebook Apps however is changing the very focus of this simplicity and I’ve noticed a huge influx of requests for me to add various third-party applications to my profile.

It is clear that Zuckerman and his company have probably more than doubled their market value by allowing companies to integrate with Facebook but I think from an end-user’s perspective it’s a bad move.

Since these horrible requests started streaming in (see pic) I’ve found myself using Facebook less and less and while I’m not a conventional user of Facebook I feel it’s lost its value for me.

I think that like Twitter, Facebook will become a thing of past for me.