My new pet hate

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Most of you wouldn’t have noticed but if you now type in in your browser you are automatically taken to the .CO.ZA google domain. Now I’ve never had a bad thing to say about Google and I love their business but this is a HUGE pet hate of mine. If I wanted to go to the South African version then I would type in and not .com

Why did they do this? Well the answer is quite easy. By going to the domain whatever you search for will bring up more pertinent results from South African websites. While this is a good feature this is not something that I want as a default.

Having bitched about this long enough I now want to give you all a solution to the problem. After many trials and tribulations I have found out that if you type in you will not be taken to the South African Google but remain on the main Google site. An easy fix and I’m pleased that I have finally figured this out.