Technology - Can’t live with it and can’t live without it!!!!

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I’m in the IT world. I live and breath internet and IT technology yet somehow I wish I could throw it all away… Since Friday two weeks ago I have been inundated with the Beagle virus. I keep getting the same recurring email from the same person and the end result is that Norton keeps telling me I have the virus and refuses to delete it.

This is fine, I updated my virus definitions and used the Beagle virus removal tool (which doesn’t work by the way) but alas I keep on getting the darn bug. It would appear that protecting your PC with a paid for virus application like Norton Anti-virus is just not enough. Why after identifying the threat can’t the application pick-up and remove the virus from my machine? I am baffled and it makes no logical sense to me.

But this was only the beginning! On Friday evening I turned on my PC once again only to discover that my PC refuses to load Windows. The machine kept getting to a point and then restarted over and over and over and over…. What to do….. hmmm…..

To cut a very long story short my computers’ hard drive re-formatted itself thereby leaving me with no data whatsoever. All my client and business documents and files had been erased and I could not even turn the machine on.

I took my machine to get repaired and finally last night I tried to look for some old backups that I thought I had. Well needless to say the backups I thought I had did not exist and I was truly left with 3 years of data that was now gone forever.

In an attempt to try and see if I could recover my work this afternoon I made contact with a few data recovery companies. Let me tell you they wanted to rip me off and all of them charge nothing less than R3000 plus VAT for the service. Now client data is important but did I want to spend that much money to get this stuff back????

I’m pleased I never made a decision out of emotion. This evening I managed to find an application on the Internet called Restorer 2000 Professional. What an amazing application. I scanned my formatted hard drive and it was able to restore all of my files that had been previously deleted.

For a measly $49.99 I now have everything back to the way it was before my little episode on Friday evening. It was R300 (1 tenth of the cost of anyone locally) well spent and if this ever happens to you then you should take my advise and buy the application.

All in all I’ve lost close to 1 full week’s working time as a result of technology and although things seem to be back on track I am left wondering if this is now truly over with… ::grin::