Gmail has arrived for me…

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Well finally I get to test out Google’s Gmail. Gmail is Google’s answer to email and has a massive capacity of 1GB of storage space. There is no folder system in Gmail because what better way to find an email in your Gmail account then to use Google’s powerful search engine to find the mail your looking for. Not only do you get all of this but you can also use POP email to download all your Gmail emails to your PC or PDA.

I have been dying to get a Gmail account but as it is still in testing phase getting a Gmail account is like finding gold at the end of a rainbow. Needless to say tonight I receive an email in my inbox to say that I have been allocated a Gmail account and I signed up almost immediately.

This is a very exciting time for me as I need one place where I can store all my emails and not have to worry about stupid hard drive crashes as has happened to me of late. For those of you interested in getting a Gmail account simply fill in the form on the Gmail website and when one becomes available you’ll be informed. Never again do I have to delete or backup emails…

Hmmm…. Google friend……. once again! ::cool::