Hats Off To Google

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I can’t help but feel inspired by Larry Page & Sergey Brin (founders of Google) and the rest of the Google team. Last night I spent most of my time on the web doing a little research on both the guys and found some interesting pieces.

Most impressive was the fact that both Larry’s and Sergey’s original website pages (found at Stanford University) are still up and running.

It would appear that Larry’s webpage has broken image links but the mere fact that they are still in existence some seven years later is quite amazing for me.

Seriously though I really feel that their story is one to behold in today’s fast-paced lifestyle and the fact that some Stanford University guys developed what is the most important research tool in our lives to date is amazing to me. Being a company owner myself I can only dream of the things that they have achieved and to that I take my hat off to the guys at Google.