New Website Development

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To be honest, very little thought went into the current site when I first formulated the idea of running my own business and I don’t think we really knew which way to go in terms of marketing and selling our services. Having said this something worked. Since Feb 2004 we have generated some fantastic sales and signed up some great contracts so clearly the local South African market took well to the site.

My problem has not been the local market so much as opposed to an international one. There is plenty to be done overseas but the market has just not taken to the current site at all. My aim now with the new website is to hit both the local and international market hard and I believe the new site can really do this.

I’ve been working with a creative director from a large advertising agency (De Waal) and he has been writing all the copy for the website. The content is great and I have just finished another run of publishing on the prototype server. If I had it my way the site would be live but I need to ensure that everything is 100% as I really don’t want to have to re-think the website strategy again for a long long time :)

If you are interested click here to see a sneak preview of the prototype website before it goes live in the next week or so.

Going to sleep now, off to racing tomorrow and there is a lot that needs to be done over the weekend.