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Release Notes

This is a dedicated page which documents the changes made to the Diceware Password Generator as well as all the release notes for the software.


Release Date: 25 March 2018

  • Updated the default help output with more examples.
  • Updated the Project page with new examples.

Download v1.0.4


Release Date: 21 March 2018

  • Minor change to the output of the help section to include more examples by default.

Download v1.0.3


Release Date: 19 March 2018

  • Expanded on -h option to include --help as a flag.
  • Fixed default option so you can just run $ ./passphrase without any options and it will return 5 words from the default list.
  • Added license to download-words.
  • Printed out more meaningful help when there’s an exception when running the script.

Download v1.0.2


Release Date: 18 March 2018

  • Minor changes to the output of the command line options.
  • Minor visual update to the License file.

Download v1.0.1


Release Date: 15 March 2018

  • First major release since working on the project.
  • Re-factored the original source code to incorporate:
    • 5 word list dictionaries.
    • Flags for options as part of the command execution.
  • New license; public domain.

Download v1.0.0