What to do with 1,300 images?

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Picture the scenario: thousands of personal pictures located across three machines, a multitude of CDs and DVDs and so many duplicates one doesn’t know where to start. Well this was me.

I’ve been pondering for some time now how I’m going to organise my picture collection as well as store them in some reliable way. I thought about Picasa as well as F-Spot but the problem with both is it requires me to store my collection on a machine which would perpetuate more of the same disorganisation as I currently find myself in.

I then figured that online storage is the way to go so I started to look at alternatives to hosting my pictures online. I figured hosting it on my server is as good an option as any and I was only hours away from implementing Gallery2 on my webserver when I remembered I’ve done this once before and alas all those previous images I hosted myself are no longer to be found.

So I did the next best thing and I signed up for Flickr Pro. I’ve proven time and again that I am utterly useless at managing my photos so now I’ve taken the plunge and put my entire collection in the trust of someone else.

In looking for some WordPress and Flickr integration I found this awesome plugin for WordPress called FAlbum which not only integrates with Flickr but now also allows me to have a Photo Gallery on my site using the public images I have on Flickr.

Although this migration has been long and cumbersome I have to say I’m really pleased with the results.