The end of a football era

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I’ve never played in Spain and never will. This is my last contract. It is where I belong.

- Thierry Henry, May 2006

I still have to pass a medical on Monday. But yes, I have chosen Barcelona. I am going to sign there for the next four seasons for the football they play, their history, their stadium. For Frank Rijkaard, who I grew up watching.

- Thierry Henry, June 2007

While I’ve tried to intellecualise this as much as possible it’s still a sad day for me to say goodbye to Arsenal striker Thierry Henry.

Football is a way of life for me and Thierry, over an eight year period, played a integral part in my teams success and my admiration for the legend is without doubt one of the strongest I’ve felt for a sports celebrity in some time.

That said, Thierry’s commitment to stay at the club last year has turned into somewhat of a farce as evidenced by his decision to leave Arsenal for greener pastures in Spain.

The irony of this all is that I don’t think Thierry ever really thought his decision to stay last year was the right one and during the last 12 months I’ve noticed a lack of commitment and passion from the now ex-Arsenal captain. When I first heard the rumours about a possible move to Barcelona I have to say I wished, on some small level, that he would in fact go.

Don’t get me wrong, losing someone like Thierry Henry is going to impact on our upcoming season however I don’t want someone who’s heart is simply not into it. Last year there was evidence of this and to be fair no one needs a player that isn’t committed 100%.

Henry finds himself in Spain today and he’ll be presented to the fans after a medical examination which is really just a formality so the time has come to say goodbye to a true football legend.