SA Top Sites and Blog Top Sites clarified

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The time has come for me to make a public statement about the current status of SA Top Sites, Blog Top Sites and Blog247.

About two weeks ago I noticed that Blog Top Sites went off-line and now more recently SA Top Sites has also found a similar fate. As the founder and previous owner I need to make it clear that I have not had any involvement in all three these projects since December 2006.

I sold all three websites to a company that I was doing work for and there were a lot of plans they wanted to do on all the sites. That unfortunately has not been carried out and the fact that two of three are down is disappointing for me.

Over a period of 18 months I put in a lot of hard work and dedication on all three sites and to see this result is disappointing not only for my efforts but also for the sites that took the time to register with these services. I am personally really sorry to everyone that is affected by this and I just want everyone to know that this latest development is completely out of my control.