27-5 yet another success

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One of the first things Nic Haralambous had to say to me on arrival at the 27dinner was - why are you not at home working? My response was quite simply that once every two months I take a night off to socialise and interact with like-minded Geeks and last night was no different.

It’s only my second 27dinner but I have to admit that I really look forward to these Geek gatherings as it gives me an opportunity to chat with all these virtual users in a real-world kind of way.

I had some awesome chats with Paul de Sousa, Vinny Lingham (who despite having such a HUGE reputation is actually such a down-to-earth guy), Vincent Maher, Colin Daniels, Susan Deysel (who couldn’t remember me for love or money) and the infamous Erik Hersman who is more commonly know as the White African.

Colin gave us an interesting debriefing on Bullardgate while Erik really drilled home mobile phone usage as a medium to deliver content to users and finally Vinny made his big announcement.

Last night also gave us an opportunity to hand out the Afrigator Limited Edition T-Shirts so I really hope everyone who got one is happy with them!

Once again thanks to Dave and Mike from Cerebra for organising, paying and hosting the event and a special thanks to Mike for eventually remembering to give me a lift home!