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I’ve been spending a few minutes this morning reading on the net and it seems that Web Standards has crept into the wood-work once again. I say once again but in truth this is an issue that should be on the forefront of everyone’s mind more so if you are a website owner.

Two interesting items came up which I’d like to share with you. The first is a quote made by Bill Gates when he invited bloggers and industry leaders up to Redmond to discuss Microsoft’s outreach to its communities via the upcoming MIX07 conference. In the original post from Molly.com she is hounding Bill about various issues that relate to Web Standards and what Microsoft are doing about it. Bill’s response:

Who has done more implementation of Web standards than Microsoft?

If you’re a developer you’ll realise just how pathetic this quote is as we are forever developing for two extremes, Web Standards and Internet Explorer. As Molly says, Microsoft were inventive and the leaders when they pioneered Internet Explorer but when they hit version 6 something went horribly wrong. It’s a good piece and worth the read.

The second item is a resource aimed at any developer/designer/website owner and provides a great Web Standards Checklist to work off. There are many factors when trying to get your website compliant and this is a great place to start.