Google Desktop Search

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Welcome Google Desktop Search. Another fantastic tool which has really helped streamlining my file and email searching forever. The desktop search is by far the best invention for the way we run a business today.

What desktop search does is it indexes (while you’re not using your machine) all the files, emails and internet usage in an index that sits on your computer. When you want to find something fast all you do is click on the little Desktop Search icon next to the time and a new browser window opens. What looks like the Google website opens up and you can now search for an email, file or website that you have stored on your computer in lighting fast time.

File and Email management has become a huge issue for me and Windows’ file search just simply leaves much to be desired. With Desktop Search I now have the power of Google running directly on my Laptop and there is no need to file things so carefully any more.

Yesterday I was trying to find a website that had a CD I was looking for so instead of trying to navigate through the website I just ran a search using Desktop Search. Within a few seconds I had the website displayed in my search results and on clicking it I was taken directly to the page I was looking for.

I know I always tend to go on and on about my fond liking of Google but the fact of the matter remains - these guys know how to build solutions for everyday needs.

If you’re not using this tool yet you are seriously lacking direction. I once read that if it takes you longer than 5 minutes to find what you are looking for then you don’t really know your business well enough… well I can now find anything in seconds.