Game Over for Sony PlayStation 3

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Let me state before I start ranting that I am was a huge supporter of Sony in that I own a PS1, PlayStation 2 and PSP. All in all I’ve been a very happy customer of Sony for many years now up until I saw the price tag of the new PS3.

At a whopping R6,300 I wonder how many people can afford to actually purchase this hunk of dead-weight? Ok, maybe I’m being too hard on the PS3 but as far as I can see it offers very little to command such a high purchase price.

According to Sony’s PlayStation website the PS3 comes with a 60GB hard drive, superior quality 7.1 digital sound, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4 x USB ports and integration with PSP. All sounds reasonable except you could purchase a PC with the same specs for about half the price and let’s face it even entry level PCs look slicker than the new PS3 design.

I’m also curious to know what games are going to cost? Historically games have been the most expensive commodity in owning a PlayStation and with their new Blu-ray Disc technology I guess it’s safe to assume that games will come in around the R1,000 mark!?

I have never owned an Xbox but it seems to me that Microsoft have catered for all income brackets in terms of the ability to buy a basic system for a few thousand Rand. Maybe Sony are doing the same but I see no reference to this anywhere and it looks like one size fits all apparently.

In my honest opinion gaming products should never surpass monthly car repayments and at this price herewith ends my long-standing relationship with Sony and dare I suggest a new one with Microsoft’s Xbox.