New Website Released

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Having posted only a few days earlier that I only anticipated the new site going live in the next two weeks I am pleased to say that De Waal has really come through for me and sent me the final copy for the website content.

The site’s development phase 1 is now completed and published live but I guess I will pick up some mistakes over the next few days that need attending to. I am going to get De Waal to scrutinise all the content live on the site and make sure that we haven’t messed things up :)

I am also really excited at the companies new branding. The new logo is just superb and I could not have asked for a better and more encompassed one as the logo we now have. I think the “man” icon is just fantastic and works really well with the company name.

It’s been a long time coming but I am 100% happy with what we’ve now got in terms of branding and a website that kicks ass! Watch out competitors here we come.