I Got Hacked…

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I got hacked
I got hacked

At around 2am last night I decided it was enough work for one day and decided to hit the sack. Then for some strange reason I decided to click on my email disclaimer link in my email signature just to make sure it was all still working ok. The link takes me to a page on my site which has the disclaimer written out there because I don’t like to clutter email too much with rubbish.

On entering my web site I was hit with a very nasty surprise… I had been hacked. Some stupid Macedonian retards decided my site was a good site to hack and as a result my “perfect” web site became a forum for swearing at Albanian’s, Lebanon and other surrounding countries. The Macedonia Security Clan had somehow intercepted my username and password and uploaded their crap files on my server which was overwriting everything. There was not a page to view without seeing the stupid Macedonian flag and profanity.

I immediately managed to reset my password and began the laborious task of uploading all my files to the server…. 3 hours later I was done. Today two of my clients made contact with me to inform me that they were also hacked but so far the damage seems very isolated and under control.

I have no real problems with hacking and in general I find it fascinating how these guys are able to compromise servers and do this stuff but really what on earth could they benefit from hacking into my web site? I can understand a site like Microsoft or AOL or any large tiered capitalist company but my little business really has no benefit to these guys. Even worse the web sites of my clients are just as small and insignificant and I really don’t see the point.

Today I had to send out communication to all of my client base to inform them of the situation and to get them to secure their account passwords. It’s a tough job to do and not good for business but my primary concern has to be my clients - they put the bread on the table at the end of the month!!!

I am so angry with these guys and even managed to log onto their IRC chat to give them a piece of my mind. Never before has such strong words come out of my mouth but really I think they deserved every bit or it. The problem with this type of situation is that these guys will get away with it because they know how to not leave any tracks… it’s frustrating and has cost me a lot of time and wasted plenty money but ultimately there is not much I can really do.