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africa's largest content aggregator

Afrigator is a social media aggregator and directory that indexes blogs, podcasts, videocasts as well as news sites from all over Africa. The site, which started early in April 2007, was founded by myself and Mike Stopforth and over time we’ve managed to bring in other partners, Mark Forrester and Stiaan Pretorius, who have helped us develop and grow the product.

We grow on average at a rate of 300 new websites per month and we send more than 12,000 unique people every day to member sites on Afrigator.

Afrigator has received some superb International recognition, some of which include:

  • 28 November 2007: Read/WriteWeb, a leading technology blog in the US writes a glowing review of Afrigator.
  • 1 August 2007: The CNN backed publication, Business 2.0, selected 31 of the world’s hottest non-U.S. startups of which Afrigator is featured at number 20.
  • 7 April 2007: KillerStartups.com rates Afrigator as one of the best in the UGC category.
  • 6 April 2007: Afrigator is featured on Go2Web20.net website.

Locally we’ve received some press coverage in the Financial Mail, The Times as well as Bizcommunity.


Nudjit - Gadget Reviews for South Africa

Nudjit (pronounced nudg-it) is the definitive gadget review site tailored specifically for South African consumers.

The site aims to inform, entertain, and alert South Africans about the gadgets that are available to us. Our gadget reviews don’t just highlight the technical aspects but will also judge how well they work, where one can get them, and if our local technology infrastructure can actually support these electronic toys.

The site offers detailed written reviews, quirky video posts, aggregated gadget news from all across Africa, user ratings, and hot links from popular gadget sites from around the world.

Nudjit was co-founded by myself, Gregor Rohrig and Nic Haralambous.


MyWebShots - Free Website Screenshot Service

MyWebshots was originally founded by Dominique from Code Central and I took over the service in February 2008.

The site is essentially a free website screenshot service that you can integrate into your own blog or website. Once you have an account with MyWebshots you simply add a couple lines of code to your site and if you then hyperlink to another website we’ll grab a screenshot of that site to display to your users.

Dominique did such a great job with the initial development and branding that I’ve decided to keep the service as is and I’m currently working on developing it further and extending the site’s functionality.


south african search engine

While you can read all the promo material about grabble I wanted to give you a little background that isn’t in the about us page. I started grabble solely from a selfish point of view. I grew despondent with local search engines and their ability to perform the way I wanted them to so I decided to do one myself. The main idea with grabble is to provide relevant South African search results in a user-friendly and ad-free environment.

With the launch of my other projects above, my time has become rather limited on future developments for Grabble however this doesn’t change the fact that it’s a great product that could evolve into one of this countries best search engines yet.