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Grabble.co.za South African Search Engine

It’s the latest addition to my stable of projects and I’m extremely proud to share it with you! Grabble (http://www.grabble.co.za) is a new South African search engine with a difference! Grabble gives you fast, accurate and AD FREE results and best of all we only search South African websites.

How Grabble Works

Grabble is a sophisticated and intelligent search engine. Every time you enter a search query Grabble compiles results, eliminates duplicates, and displays the final results in a unique manner according to a special relevance formula. This process tends to remove much of the useless clutter and meaningless results.

Our Ethos

Grabble is only focussed on one thing - you!

Unlike many of the local competitor search engines we are dedicated and focussed on delivering relevant search results without any focus on trying to make money. We believe that searching should not be overtaken by advertising as there is ultimately no relevance to what you need by being bombarded with sponsored links and paid-for advertising.

Bigger, Better, Faster!

Grabble’s database exceeds 25,700,000 pages and documents from South African websites only and we can process as many results in less than 2 seconds. It is our belief that no other local search engine can perform as effectively and still deliver relevant and accurate results but don’t just take our word for it try a search to test it! Click here for a sample test with more than 20 million results.

Our accurate and detailed search results provide thumbnail shots of each website (if they exist) as well as a very handy Quick Look window feature which enables you to open up websites whilst still remaining on the Grabble website. By using the Quick Look feature you can immediately see if a website is relevant to what you are searching for, and if not you can simply close the ‘Quick Look’ window and continue on to the next result. This makes searching faster and easier, and less frustrating!

Our Technology

Grabble utilises the sheer brilliance of some of the worlds finest search engine engineers as the backbone for a search engine that is fast, responsive and very accurate. Grabble is hosted on its own dedicated Linux web-server with unmetered bandwidth and extensive resources in our Data center which provide maximum reliability and uptime and it is because of this that Grabble delivers quality search results every time.

Let me know what you all think.