Debian etch is now my local flavour

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After grappling long and hard about the whole Ubuntu dropping PowerPC support issue I have made a decision to move my Apple iBook G4 from my recently installed Ubuntu 6.10 to the ever popular Debian platform.

Mark Shuttleworth’s email to me and the whole debate that has gone on about Ubuntu’s decision to drop PowerPC has made this decision difficult.

However, seeing as I have only recently moved from Apple OSX to Ubuntu I figured it’s better to move now and stick with a distro that will support PowerPC for probably a few more years than be stuck with a distro that is left to the devices of a community that might simply let PowerPC support die a slow and bitter death.

The overall consensus I got from the Ubuntu Forums is that PowerPC users are already looking for a new Linux distro which has also played a big part in deciding to move to Debian. That said I will still support Ubuntu and keep my current 6.10 installations on my PC at home and work while my iBook will now begin the big migrate to Debian.

I have also recently offered my services to the Ubuntu Za LoCo Team and I will be doing work with other South African Ubuntu users to help promote and get the Ubuntu name out in the local community.

So, here’s to a new installation and hopefully the last for quite a while!