Social Networking = hard work!

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I love Web 2.0 stuff and more importantly I love community involvement but hell it’s hard work to keep up with the various subscriptions I have to social network sites.

A couple months back my good friend Lisa, who now lives in Toronto, sent me a friend request to join Facebook. Because she’s my mate I joined up but that’s as far as I ever got with it.

Then interestingly enough tonight I got a request from her to join a group on Facebook which I diligently obliged to do but the really scary thing is about two hours later I got a friend request from Paul at Chilibean. After never using the system I suddenly get found by him and I had no choice but to mail him and ask how on earth he hooked up with me. Turns out it’s quite easy but a little freaky at that!

This has now in turn got me going and I’ve started to setup a small profile on Facebook. I’m even thinking about putting up some real pictures of me… but only time will tell. I’ve also been looking at Facebook in terms of its functionality and in principle it seems half decent.

The best thing I found is that you can setup an RSS feed from your site and it will publish your posts in Facebook which is super-cool!

In truth though I’ve really come to like MyBlogLog as a social networking tool but I can see for people who don’t have their own sites, such as my dear friend Lisa, Facebook is great to blog and keep in touch with the world.

On a side-note I managed to score a 1-year Pro subscription on MBL so I’m a really chuffed guy but unfortunately I can’t tell you how or why… sorry!

Anyway I digress - at some point though we have to draw the line with all these sites. When is enough actually enough? I barely have time to blog let alone keep up these social networks but maybe it’s a small price to pay for social fame. Thoughts anyone?