Show me the Gatorlove

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Some things just tickle my fancy but I have to admit Gatorlove is really blowing my hair back! It’s such a simple yet cool new feature to Afrigator and I can already see the benefit of having Gatorlove on the site.

Nic very kindly exposed this new feature this morning and Stiaan has done a cool post on it as well. Then of course there is the Afrigator Blog which shows this new feature in great detail.

But I’ll highlight exactly what Gatorlove is all about:

Gatorlove shows you just how much love you are getting from other Afrigator users in the Afrosphere by outlining how many blog posts and blog sites link to yours. If you login to Afrigator and click on the Dashboard link you will now see a list of your sites showing you your Gatorlove.

We have very cool plans for Gatorlove and this is really only the beginning so watch this space for further announcements!