Of 9/11 and being pessimistic

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So the new job is going great (thanks Carls for asking) but I’ve had little time to blog recently. I really wanted to share my experience I had on Sunday but I’m only finding the time to do so today… rather late than never.

Sunday morning 8:55am I found myself eagerly awaiting the implosion of four buildings in the heart of the JHB City. Yes I made a conscious decision to go and see my very first implosion and what excitement it was. The streets were packed and alive with activity as we all awaited the final countdown.

I have to admit I was expecting a louder bang when the explosion went off but nonetheless seeing these buildings come down in less than 12 seconds was well worth the lack of sleep. Within 30 seconds we found ourselves covered in dust from head to toe as a thick grey cloud of dust and debris came hurdling towards us.

A sudden chill of fear and remembrance consumed me at this point as all I could think of when this grey cloud consumed me was the tragedy that was 9/11. I’m often very blasé about the whole 9/11 incident but this was, if only a small version, a practical and very real example of what those poor New Yorkers must have gone through on that tragic day.

Sunday evening I watched the news and the television shots of the implosion and subsequent cloud cover do it no justice and I’m pleased that I got up early to bear witness to this event. While it’s not the same as driving an Aston Martin DB9 for the day (yes that’s you Mike) it does mean that I have one less thing to do in my life.

Now onto being pessimistic… I love this part of my persona and it is no surprise that when I stumbled onto the NO DATA website I immediately fell in love with it.

NO DATA is a questionnaire of sorts and has previously been used as an ‘art’ exhibit in the Watershed Media Centre, Bristol, and as part of an earlier incarnation of www.radiohead.com (one of my favourite bands of all time).

It’s long but takes you on an interesting journey and I highly recommend spending some time to discover the myriad that is our pathetic existence. What are you waiting for? Go there now!