It’s A Good May Day!

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Well things are certainly looking up. I’m writing my first blog entry from a new Apple Mac which was kindly given to me by friend and client Paul Connolly. It is so good to be back and operational on a Mac as I am a huge fan of Apple as a whole. Now all we need to sort out is a nice new iPod. and then I’m truly moving a step in the right direction.

It’s no speed demon my new Mac but it certainly is good to have three different systems now running on my Desktop. Three I hear you say? Well after a trip to Futurex earlier in the week I managed to hook up with Oracle and attended their Linux Install Fest on Thursday evening. The install fest is essentially a marketing tool for Oracle to help users implement a Linux environment on their old PCs and also install their latest database Oracle 10g.

The idea of the install fest was a good one but when I arrived I realised that they didn’t accommodate for older PCs like I had and without a USB port I was unable to do the install of SuSE 9 Linux and their 10g database. I ended up watching others for close on 5 hours which was a little frustrating to say the least. All in all I only lost some time but I gained some great Fully functional software including SuSE 9, the 10g database, PHP, Apache, JDeveloper and others. Oracle and Novell were kind enough to give us developers these software packages and for that I thank them.

Today also signifies the remarkable victory of Arsenal over Man United in the FA Cup final after a penalty shoot-out decided the result in our favour. For those who read my previous post this is the biggest day of the season for both teams and with a bit of luck we overcame the old enemy. There was a stage where I didn’t think we would make it but I am most pleased that we won especially since the game went on for nearly two and a half hours. Oh what a joy to finish 2nd in the league and lift one trophy and to watch United get NOTHING!!!

All in all my Saturday was fantastic, didn’t get much work done but it was good to celebrate with friends and to get back into Mac OS X.