Since You’ve Been Gone…

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I’ll never forget the 18th of May for as long as I live. Today symbolises not only the wedding anniversary of my parents, Carine and Rodney, but it also represents the day in which my father died.

Today marks six years since he lost his aggressive, heroic battle with cancer and there still remains this emptiness and void that nothing can ever fill.

Now, more than ever, I wish I had my dad in my life. I’ve embarked on new journeys, have new people in my life and I so wish that he was still around so that I could share all these special and difficult moments with him.

I miss our chats, watching sport with him on the couch where we both analyze whatever game is on, ragging him over his football team, but most importantly I miss him being proud of me. I miss my hero who no matter what, always loved me and always had the time to listen to me and always gave me his best non-judgmental advice over how to deal with all life’s challenges.

Dad, you have always been such an inspiration and I just hope that I continue to make you proud.

I love you.