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Most will now know that I was employed by Ja! Productions at the beginning of February this year. What people may not know is that Ja! is the company behind

I was hoping to hold off a little on blogging about Twac as we’re still working through a list of changes/bugs/feature requests but my article today on SA Rocks takes a high-level look at the new video sharing websites and Twac is now one of them.

So what is Twac? Well let me tell you what we’re not. We are not a YouTube and we have no intention of becoming or even trying to compete with the giant. All we are interested in is to be a hub for quality South African content with a really strong emphasis on user generated content within schools.

While there is little UGC at the moment under the video section I am told that from next week you should start to see some of this UGC from the school kids directly.

On the converse we have Twac Couches. These couches are short 2-3 minute comedy clips produced by our team of award winning professionals. If you like a bit of sophisticated humour Twac Couches is for you.

There are still a lot of additional things to come and be fixed and because we only launched last Wednesday I’m going to ask if you just be patient while we get the site running at optimal performance. If you want to you could even give me some feedback - good or bad! In the meantime enjoy our Competition clip which is embedded in this post.