I’m looking for a new job

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It’s a little sneaky of me posting this on my blog but I am in the process of looking for new employment. Someone has to pay the bills seeing as my various projects don’t pay for themselves so I’m putting my feelers out there to see what may lie ahead for the new year.

I currently work here and have been since end of September 2006. It was a three month contract which has now been extended to end of January 2007. I was(am) solely responsible for the development, marketing, sales and promotion of this project. Now that it’s up and running and a huge success it’s time to move on ::wink::

I’m open to any new ideas that anyone may have and will be willing to look at anything. If you want to get an idea of my skills and what I’ve been involved in check my Linkedin profile page and if you are still remotely interested you can contact me to have a full CV sent through to you.