I’m a Business Warrior

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I’ve been involved in a few business over the last few years as many of you may already know. Further to this I am continuously looking for new business interests because I believe in the power of numbers - the more you have the better your chances of making money.

While I’ve done some of these successfully I have also done some unsuccessfully. I have learned a lot of hard mistakes that I belive nothing in life can prepare you for. Whether you’re an MBA graduate or a business owner with no qualifications there are some things that happen in business that is essentially learned through trial, error and factors outside of yourself.

A few months ago I came across a web site called Business Warriors. While the site is essentially a one pager I was intrigued by the content because a certain man by the name of Peter Carruthers claimed to have the secrets to business failure.

As I’ve seen the best and worst I was curious to find out what Peter had to say and well all I can say is that I was 100% blown away by what I read. The site is essentially a membership pay site (R170 per month) and for that you get Peter’s years of experience in specifically business failure. Peter had a very successful business which went bust and along with it Peter went bust as well.

Business Warriors gives you all the information you need as a business owner to protect yourself in the eventuallity that your business goes bang! Even better is there are currently over 1400 South African business owners who are members and everyone gives their feedback on running businesses in this country on the Business Warriors web site.

Peter offers a money back guarantee that if you are not blown away by the content of this site he will personally give you 150% back. Thats more than you originally invested! I must say it’s the best money I have spent in a long time and it’s well worth the small subscription fee.

Have a look at it by Clicking Here.