Is David Bullard an utter wanker?

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If you haven’t read it already David Bullard, Sunday Times journalist and holier than thou author, has published an article today in the Sunday Times attacking the entire 70 million strong blogosphere.

My good friend Vincent Maher has hit hard at Bullard and rightly so and I support him and the entire blogosphere 100% in the demand of a public apology by the Sunday Times.

My quote on Vincent Maher’s blog:

I always had the utmost respect for Bullard but now I have to say - what an utter, mindless, self-serving wanker. That gun-shot wound has simply opened the moronic floodgates.

How the Sunday Times can endorse this rubbish and pay Bullard for writing such drivel is beyond me. Support the plight and join the facebook group.

The ultimate reason why this article has pissed me off is because Bullard is simply negating the entire blogosphere in one fell swoop and portraying a negative outlook to his readers who probably don’t even understand what blogging is. My entire effort on Afrigator the last month or so is meaningless since his readers now think we’re all axe murders.

If he bothered to do a little research he’d find out that blogging can be a more powerful tool for breaking news than normal traditional media but I guess none of that’s valid because it isn’t filtered by sub-editors, editors and publishers?

In closing I might add that possibly there is justification in “looking at legislation to gag legitimate publications” as Bullard so poignantly put it?

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